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Zero-Valent Iron: Always Consider the Source

Zero valent iron is increasingly used for in situ chemical reduction of chlorinated solvents and other contaminants and so it is important to understand what to look for in a quality ZVI source.


An important factor in choosing ZVI for environmental remediation is understanding the sources of the original iron.

Reclaimed metal products are available from many sources, and therefore could be contaminated with whatever the material has come in contact with (such as target product or wear parts from machinery blasting).

Zero-Valent Iron Comparison

Competitor ZVI (left) vs Compass' ZVI (right)

Granular zero-valent iron used for permeable reactive barriers (PRBs)


Some of the potential problems with ZVI include:

  • • Mixed iron materials from different sources with potential contaminants
  • • Suppliers with unvetted or inconsistent sources
  • • Oxidized raw materials
  • • Iron shot contaminated by contact products
  • • Alloy steel with added Cr6+
  • • Poor drying process leading to excessive oxidation

Why Compass' ZVI is Superior

Compass has partnered with Peerless Metal Powders & Abrasives for our zero valent iron because our goal is to supply only the highest quality environmental remediation products,

  • • Made in the USA by Peerless Metal Powders
  • • Non-oxidized or contaminated raw materials
  • • Carefully vetted suppliers
  • • Quality control to avoid oxidization
  • • Tested for trace metals
  • • Reliable manufacturer with 60 years of experience

Our Priority is You

Compass was founded to be a service-based products company focusing strictly on customer needs; competitive pricing, impeccable delivery and accurate billing. There is a gap in real customer service in the remediation products marketplace and our goal is to change that. Your success depends on it. The Compass team delivers.


We specialize in chemicals for environmental remediation and we take care to select products that meet the highest quality requirements.

Logistics Support

There is a reason we put logistics front and center – we understand how critical deliveries can be and that your projects are time and resource sensitive.