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Sodium Permanganate | Compass Remediation Chemicals
Picture of Sodium Permanganate

Sodium Permanganate

Sodium permanganate’s active oxidant is the permanganate anion (MnO4-), is proven safe and cost-effective for many applications, including soil remediation and water treatment. Compass’ sodium permanganate is available in 20% and 40% solutions, as well as custom blended concentrations.

Our permanganates are tested for trace metals to ensure we are providing only the purest sodium permanganate for your in situ remediation projects.

Delivery of sodium permanganate is available in totes and drums at standard concentrations, as well as custom blended solutions delivered directly to your site in totes and bulk tankers. This eliminates the need for on-site mixing of permanganates and removes many of the health and safety concerns that go along with mixing in the field.

Our team has extensive experience in working with even the most difficult project sites and makes your project logistics a priority. We understand that your projects are time and resource sensitive.

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Using Sodium Permanganate in Remediation

Both sodium permanganate and potassium permanganate are well-suited for many remediation applications as they do not require activation, are applicable over a wide pH range, and their presence is easy to detect in monitoring wells.

In situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) using permanganates is a proven remediation technology that is safe and cost-effective. The active oxidant is the permanganate anion (MnO4-), a strong oxidant which can persist and react with COCs several months after injections are complete.

ISCO Resources:

Design Tool for Planning Permanganate Injection Systems (Clu-In)
In Situ Chemical Oxidation: Performance, Practice, and Pitfalls (Clu-In)
In Situ Chemical Oxidation for Groundwater Remediation – Technology Practices Manual (SERDP/ESTCP)
NAVFAC’s In Situ Chemical Oxidation Fact Sheet
Sodium Permanganate SDS

Standard Packaging

IBC Totes

Sodium Permanganate Tote

40% and 20% Solutions

275 Gallons


Sodium Permanganate Drum

40% and 20% Solutions

55 Gallons

Custom Blending

Tanker Truck

Sodium Permanganate Tanker


>3000 Gallons

IBC Totes

Sodium Permanganate Tote


275 Gallons

Chemical & Physical Data

Sodium Permanganate
Formula NaMnO4
Structure Sodium permanganate molecular structure
Appearance Purple liquid
Storage/Shelf Life This product should be used within two years
of the date of production. See SDS for storage information
Decomposition may start at 150 °C / 302 °F


40% Solution
Assay 40 – 41% as NaMnO4
pH 5.0 – 8.0
Specific Gravity 1.37 – 1.40
Insolubles ≤ 0.005%

Typical Trace Metals Analysis

Element Typical Analysis Element Typical Analysis
Cadmium <0.016 mg/kg Mercury <0.01 mg/kg
Arsenic <0.02 mg/kg Molybdenum <0.02 mg/kg
Barium <0.02 mg/kg Nickel <0.02 mg/kg
Beryllium <0.02 mg/kg Silver <0.03 mg/kg
Boron <1.5 mg/kg Strontium <0.01 mg/kg
Calcium 1.7 mg/kg Thallium <0.8 mg/kg
Chromium 1.0 mg/kg Vanadium <0.8 mg/kg
Cobalt <0.018 mg/kg Zinc <0.08 mg/kg
Copper <0.02 mg/kg Selenium <0.02 mg/kg
Iron <0.02 mg/kg Aluminium <0.02 mg/kg
Lead <0.16 mg/kg Antimony <0.16 mg/kg
Lithium <0.2 mg/kg

Examples of Contaminants Treated

Permanganate ISCO
  •  Chlorinated solvents (e.g., PCE, TCE, 1,1-DCE, cis-DCE, trans-DCE, VC)
  •  1,4-dioxane
  •  Polyaromatic hydrocarbons
  •  Phenolic compounds
  •  Organo-pesticides
  •  Substituted aromatics


Permanganate ISCO
Pneumatic fracturing Soil mixing
Pressurized well injection Geoprobe injection
Hydraulic fracturing Jet grouting
Channel creation Direct injection

Our Priority is You

Compass was founded to be a service-based products company focusing strictly on customer needs; competitive pricing, impeccable delivery and accurate billing. There is a gap in real customer service in the remediation products marketplace and our goal is to change that. Your success depends on it. The Compass team delivers.


We specialize in chemicals for environmental remediation and we take care to select products that meet the highest quality requirements.

Logistics Support

There is a reason we put logistics front and center – we understand how critical deliveries can be and that your projects are time and resource sensitive.