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Hydrogen Peroxide | Compass Remediation Chemicals

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Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing agent with numerous applications, including soil treatment, aquifer reclamation, wastewater and many others. As a remediation agent, it is both reliable and versatile and its liquid state makes it easy to use in field conditions. Hydrogen peroxide is used in environmental remediation for treatment of chlorinated solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons, among others.

Hydrogen peroxide provides simple, effective treatment options for many sites, both as a stand-alone treatment or supplemental to other treatment methods. As hydrogen peroxide requires only minimal equipment to use, it can be handled with relative safety.

Hydrocarbon Remediation

Hydrocarbons (petroleum residues, pesticides, solvents, etc.) pose one of the more challenging contaminants in treatment of contaminated soils, especially at sites where excavation is not cost-effective or feasible as the contamination has spread deep below the surface. Hydrogen peroxide offers an alternative to treatment technologies for hydrocarbons that are less optimal (such as soil washing, landfilling, and incineration). With the use of hydrogen peroxide, the contaminants are chemically oxidized into mineralized products (CO2 , salts, and readily biodegradable organic fragments).

Standard Packaging


35% – 50% Solutions

>3000 gallons

IBC Totes

4% – 34% Solutions

275 Gallons


20% – 50%

55 Gallons


Citric Acid


25% & 50%

Liquid and powder

Zero Valent Iron Powder


Multiple grades

Supersacks, drums, pails

Contaminants Treated

Examples of Contaminants Treated

  •  Petroleum residues (BTEX, PAH, TPH, MTBE, diesel fuel)
  •  Wood preservatives (PCP, creosote)
  •  Chlorinated solvents (TCE, PCE)
  •  Pesticides (chlorophenoxy, atrazine, pendimethalin)
Documentation & Support

Project Support

Compass realizes that not all project sites are the same. At times, different goals apply to different sites. Our team of professionals work with you to determine what the best solution is for you, both from a cost and project goals perspective. Making the correct choice is critical to success. We would like to work with you on that choice.

Chemical & Physical Data

35% 50%
Active Oxygen % 16.4 23.5
Specific Gravity @ 20°C
lb/gal 9.45 9.98
g/mL 1.132 1.195
Boiling Point @ 760 mm Hg, °C 108 114
Freezing Point, °C -32 -51
Vapor Pressure @ 30°C, mm Hg 23 18

Application Methods

Direct push injection (DPT)
Gravity feed
Stabilized with sequestering agent
Pressurized wells


35% 50%
Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
 Hydrogen Peroxide % 35.0 36.0 50.0 50.5
 pH, Apparent 3.0 3.0
 Color, APHA 20 20
 Appearance Clear liquid

Our Priority is You

Compass was founded to be a service-based products company focusing strictly on customer needs; competitive pricing, impeccable delivery and accurate billing. There is a gap in real customer service in the remediation products marketplace and our goal is to change that. Your success depends on it. The Compass team delivers.


We specialize in chemicals for environmental remediation and we take care to select products that meet the highest quality requirements.

Logistics Support

There is a reason we put logistics front and center – we understand how critical deliveries can be and that your projects are time and resource sensitive.